Hi, I'm Jessica!
I am a Web Developer living in Miami Beach.


Jessica Cotzin


Parkland, Florida


Travel, Art, Creativity, Reading


Miami Beach, Florida



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Hi, my name is Jessica! I'm a freelance writer, web developer and avid traveler. Born and raised in South Florida, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Multi-Media Journalism from Florida Atlantic University, and currently reside in Miami Beach. My passions lie in reading great literature and traveling the world, bumping blindly into new and fantastic people and events.


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A 9 week immersive boot camp for web development & software engineering that teaches object oriented web development using Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework, alongside JavaScript, HTML and CSS

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City Coorespondent/Miami Gogo This Week Writer. Create and edit city guides for Miami Dade and hotel reviews. Weekly event roudup with "Gogo This Week".

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Community Development Coordinator. Currate new partnerships with clients and oversee the customer service department.


Stranger Places

Stranger Places 

Conceived due to my love for traversing wild and exotic landscapes. It is a Web App for travelers looking to get off the beaten path. Made with HTML5, Ruby, JS, and Bootstrap on a Rails framework.


A Web App for discovering and sharing Web Developers' favorite coding resources. Made with HTML5, Ruby, JS and Materialize on a Rails framework.


Shouni is an anime generator app for fellow anime-lovers. Never get bored on those lonely nights! Shouni was made with HTML5, jQuery and Ruby on a Rails framework.


A virtual appointment and online scheduling application connecting patients with doctors.

Little Montessori

A website I made with HTML5, CSS, JS, jQuery, and Bootstrap in Sinatra web framwork.


This is a simple little website I created using HTML, CSS, and JS with a focus on design. It's my first attempt at using Adobe Illustrator. All images were made from scratch in Illustrator.